Where should you go in case of a flood?

Answer On One Hand: High GroundAccording to the New York State Emergency Management Office, in case of a flood, you should head to the highest ground possible so long as a secure route to the location exi... Read More »

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Where should I buy a keyboard case for a tablet/pad? and Ebay has them. Fairly prices too, seen them start around $9.99.

Should the side fan on my case be blowing air into or sucking air out of the case?

>Hi Dr. House.My answer is it should be sucking air out. The reason why is because air that gets sucked in, gets warmed up. So sucking the air acrossed a hot video card will only warm the other c... Read More »

Should I get a silicone case for my iPod Touch or a hard case?

For protection 100% a hard case, there are also lots more designs and it is easier to pick the one you likeThey also grip to your phone, as i find silcone cases are too easy to take of and dont fee... Read More »

Hi ... My printer Epson C110 cannot print ... Should i open up the case where is colors or let it close?

Do you know the ink level of the cartridges ?they may need replaced.