Where should the late preterm infant be monitored after birth?

Answer preterm infants are monitored in a neonatal intensive care unit where they are put in incubators which cater for their need.the modern incubators cater for,oxygen,intravenous infusion treatment and... Read More »

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Which of the following occurs in an infant immediately after birth?

Incomplete question - there is nothing 'following' listed

"Immediate contact between a mother and infant after birth is crucial for bonding"?

It has been researched, but I cannot find it in any books I have on hand right now. There has definitely been research showing that breastfeeding immediately after birth is a good predictor of brea... Read More »

Can she get pregnant after 7 hours taking birth control pill late?

If she has been taking a pill every day, no. The number of hours has nothing to do with it, but if she skips pills and doesn't take them as followed by directions she can get pregnant.

Late period or possible pregnancy after stopping birth control ortho cyclen a month ago?

Ortho Cyclen stops working after you miss only two days of your pills. If you haven't taken your pills for a month, you are definitely able to get pregnant. If you haven't been sexually active, t... Read More »