Where should i put my phone when im at the ix center?

Answer Generally land phones stay at your house, so this isn't really something to worry about...

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Why cant i understand the people when i phone a call center?

>>can u talk indian ?? if not thats prob y >Why pay someone here a decent wage when they can ship the work overseas and pay pennies on the dollar to someone who has no idea how to fix your problem

How to Access the Security Center in a Verizon Lg Phone?

Have an LG Verizon phone? Want to be able to lock it, have it locked at startup, or change major settings on your phone? You can even reset it to factory settings (default). Just read on and make y... Read More »

I used to do phone sex out of a call center in clearwater/largo florida?

I don't have any info on that, but I do work from home for a wellness company that is looking for more ppl to work with them, just in case you can't find anything in your field.

What should you do if your child just ate silica gel and the Poison Help Center doesn't answer the phone?

Take him to the emergency room right away and STAY CALM. Make sure you keep an eye on anything weird with your child.If the poison control is not answering the phone, then take your child immediate... Read More »