Where did Carrie Of Sex and the City go on her honeymoon?

Answer Cabo san Lucas

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Help. Explain what I should look for in a 40"+ flat panel TV. Where should I buy?

It all depends on what you're looking for it to do, and what you're gonna be using it for.There are alot of formats out there. Tube, LCOS, LCD, DLP, etc. Here's a little info on some of 'em.If you'... Read More »

Almost at 25,000 points. Dear friends & contacts where should we have the party, & what should our menu be?

KFC legs & thighs maybe some apple butter throwed in I'm gonna have a.butter & toast when ya'll get thru with me.

I want to become a Air Force Physican an anaesthesiologist. Where should I get my education how should I join. how much will I make?

Where should I stay and what should I do in Switzerland?

Andermatt switzerland is high in alps, 1500 meters i think. it is really nice i was there last summer and there is a train going there and when i was in the alps near there i remember there were bu... Read More »