Where should a 13 year old boy take his mom for mothers day?

Answer Awe! That is soo cute! Take her out to eat and maybe go see a movie. Let her know that means a lot to you. I think its really nice that you want to do something with her. I'm sure that whatever you... Read More »

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Did you see where 40% of births in the U.S. were from unwed mothers last year?

I think the rise in percentage came from the fact that women are much more independant nowa days and it's not so "incorrect" to have a child out of wedlock.

My 4 year old daughter never wants to go back to her mothers house?

She has no say in this. She is too young to decide. Try to work it through with the mother. Use mediation services if necessary. (Not lawyers - lawyers are trained to increase conflict not decrease... Read More »

How many married couples use surrogate mothers to have babies in the USA each year?

It is so hard to get an accurate number because so many arrangements are kept private and are not reported to OBs and/or hospitals. Last year there were several thousand surrogate deliveries in the... Read More »

How many babies in the US are born as victims of substance abusing mothers each year?

It depends on the peduncle … it always connects something to something else….(biology): Cerebral peduncle: a band of neurons, looking like a stalk, which connects various parts of the brain, en... Read More »