Where should I treat a female friend of mine out to eat on Monday?

Answer ApplebeesChilesMacaroni GrillTGIFridaysall are decent places to eat and relaxalso Olive Garden.-

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How to Invite a Female Friend out for Coffee Without Her Thinking That You're Interested in Her Any More Than As a Friend?

You enjoy your female friend's company, and want to go out for a cup of coffee every once in a while without her thinking that you're interested in her any more than as a friend?Yet you also don't ... Read More »

What to do with this friend of mine?

You need to have a long heart to heart talk with this friend, and gently explain to him that there is only a friendship between the 2 of you, and nothing more. Make sure that you will always be th... Read More »

What can make a TV come on all by itself A friend of mine says that hers is doing that, and?

I have an older model tv that does this. There seems to be a problem with the on/off switch. Since I now have satellite server, it doesn't happen anymore because I turn the tvs on and off with th... Read More »

Friend of mine smoking?

keep encouraging him to quit but dont harp because nicotine is a drug and he is probably addicted to it so thats why he doesnt listen to you. He has to want to quit in order to quit. No one is gonn... Read More »