Where should I take my girlfriend on a date in Olathe/Johnson county/leawood area?


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My dad's girlfriend wants me to date her daughter?

Trying to be a match maker, huh. Well, of course you need to consider what your ages are. Are you old enough to date. If you wish to date her if you are of age, there is no reason why not. If this ... Read More »

What restaurant should I take my girlfriend on a date?

Turning a basement into a living area with girlfriend?

Repaint, maybe do the floors. There isn't much to do with $650.

What Are Good Fancy Restaurants To Take My Girlfriend To In The Metro Atlanta Area?

There are some really good high-end restaurants in Atlanta -- my favorite is Bacchanalia -- but $150, with tip, alcohol and food wouldn't be enough. (Crazy, isn't it?!)Look at the menu for Le Pet... Read More »