Where should I smoke cigars since they are not allowed in my apartment complex?

Answer I love the anti smoking crowds comments if you don't like smoking how about you **** off instead of posting worthless nonsense we know the risks and it's our damn choice.Now to answer the question ... Read More »

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Are you allowed to take cigars on a plane?

As of February 2011, a passenger may bring cigars on airplanes as long as the passenger isn't attempting to illegally import the cigars from a country that the United States has a trade embargo aga... Read More »

How to Choose an Apartment Complex?

Living in an apartment complex can have several benefits over other alternatives, such as renting a home, a section of someone else's home, or an apartment in a multi-family home. However, if you d... Read More »

Which is better to smoke cigars or cigs?

Cigars are better to smoke. Cigars are made with all natural tobacco, where cigarettes are processed, and tons of chemicals are added to the mix. But if you want the best form of smoking I say ta... Read More »

How do i place complaints in an apartment complex?

Find the Correct Person to Send the Complaint ToFind the email address of the manager of your building's management office. You can usually find this in your lease, on the literature you received u... Read More »