Where should I hide my beer?

Answer During the summertime, I used to hide mine in the central AC vents in the floor. It always kept 'em cool.

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Does anyone know where I can find the beer Tona in San Diego Its a beer from Nicaragua. Thanks?……

Where can i find beer thats called "beer"?

I find Beer on the shelf of my liquor store. I suggest you look in your local store for it too.

I'm 19. Can I bring beer from Canada(where I am legal) back into the U.S.(where im a minor)?

No you cannot, unfortunatly once you are at the vborder the American rules apply again so you will be a minor in possession of alcohol. Just drink while you are up there and bing what is left of yo... Read More »

Should I have a beer?

Well yes!!!! Why did you wait so long??? Catch up man!!!