Where should I go Doctor's or Hospital 2nd degree burn 2 days ago?

Answer OUCH! i know this pain as i too burnt my belly when i was a kid. but it sounds like it could be getting infected but (gross question) but when you say "oozing" what colour? if it is clear then prob... Read More »

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Do I need to go back to the doctors or hospital?

Go yo hospital it can be serious so the earlier the better. I have seen a case where someone stteped on a woman n to my surprise operation was needed imagine just stepping on someones foot! Hope i ... Read More »

Types of Hospital Doctors?

The hospital is full of physicians at all hours of the day or night. These highly skilled professionals perform a variety of specialized tasks depending on what their specific role is within the ho... Read More »

Could you still trust the doctors at the hospital after all the attacks?

Exqueeze me???? Did those fanatics do anything wrong IN the hospitals or at work? They don't want to get caught, you see, they need to fulfill a certain "mission" or whatever it is they did. Are pe... Read More »

Are anesthesiologists somehow different than doctors when you go to the hospital for surgery?

Just be glad your not billed separately for the nurse, housekeeping, the maintenance dept,, etc. Yes the anesthesiologist is a specialist and it is normal to be billed separately for their service... Read More »