Where should I go Doctor's or Hospital 2nd degree burn 2 days ago?

Answer OUCH! i know this pain as i too burnt my belly when i was a kid. but it sounds like it could be getting infected but (gross question) but when you say "oozing" what colour? if it is clear then prob... Read More »

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My friend had a toy car got stuck up his bum, it's been there for 3 days. should he go to to the doctors?

yes then take the car to a miniature car wash

I'm 17 and I have a 103.2 degree fever.. Should I go to the hospital I took Ibuprofen..?

Please have someone take you to the ER tonight. Never take more then the recommended dose for anything. Taking more won't do any good and will make you nauseous or worse. The fever is a symptom of ... Read More »

If a 4 year old child has high fevers for 6 days and is already on antibiotics should he go to the hospital?

If there is no improvement in two to three days after starting an antibiotic the child should be reviewed by a doctor.

I stepped on a nail 5 days ago and my doctor and hospital said I should be okay but why my jaw is stiff?

Get to a DR. Tell the other Dr to shove it, you're not stupid! Go with your gut feeling!