Where on your iPod or iPhone does VanillaSurf store downloaded files?

Answer I have used iFunbox and looked everywhere, searched, done this and that and cannot find them. I can't transfer them wirelessly, either. HELP!

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Why wouldn't an iPod play protected AAC files that one downloaded from iTunes?

Answer It's possible that the maximum number of authorized computers (5) has been reached. If you're the one who originally purchased the music, you can go back to the Music Store, de-authorize al... Read More »

Where does Pidgin store log files?

Pidgin stores its logs in your Application Data directory. This directory is "C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\.purple\logs" on Windows 7 and Vista, and "C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Dat... Read More »

Is the iphone 4 just the same as the ipod touch except that it has a phone and camera and On the iphone 4 can you go on the app store and itunes and is the phone also an ipod?

Yes you can do all that I'm pretty sure I'm positive it has all that actually or it wouldn't be an iPhone if it didn't

Where does System Restore store files?

Microsoft Windows System Restore writes its restore points into a hidden folder named System Volume Information on the root of the hard drive. This folder is intentionally hidden to protect it from... Read More »