Where on earth is tantalum found?

Answer Tantalum, a metal discovered in 1802, can be found in multiple locations around the world. South America contains approximately 40 percent of the world's Tantalum, which is listed on the Periodic T... Read More »

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In what form is tantalum found?

Tantalum is primarily found in the mineral columbite-tantalite, an ore that is found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Mozambique, Nigeria, Thailand and Zaire. There are several complicated m... Read More »

Where on earth are diamonds found?

There are large diamond mines spread around the world, including in Botswana, Australia, Brazil, Namibia, India, South Africa, Russia and Canada. Conflict diamonds--which are diamonds mined in war-... Read More »

Where is hydrogen found on earth?

Hydrogen is abundant on earth, mostly combined with other elements to make water, ammonia, carbohydrates, hydrocarbons, acids, bases and many other substances. Hydrogen can also be found in the ea... Read More »

Where is titanium found in the earth?

Titanium is Earth's ninth most abundant element. According to the Mineral Information Institute, large deposits are found in several regions, including Russia, Japan, Kazakhstan and the United Stat... Read More »