Where, oh where is my TEMP folder (Win XP)?

Answer Depends on which browser you use. Firefox/IE use different temp folders. Try using search

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How do i restore a temp folder?

Click on the recycle bin icon located on the desktop. Right click the temporary files listed. Select, "Restore," on the smaller shortcut menu. Move the file to a folder not located in the Temp fold... Read More »

How to Clean the Temp Folder in Windows XP?

The Windows operating system has a temporary file storage folder used to keep files that are used by applications for a short period of time. If this folder is not cleaned out on a regular basis, i... Read More »

How to Remove Shared Files From a Temp Folder?

Removing shared files from the temporary Internet browsing history folder (otherwise known as the temp folder), must be done through the hard drive in your computer. The temp folder stores data suc... Read More »

How to Find a Word Document Saved in My Temp Folder?

If you saved a Word document in your temporary files, you can recover the document by finding your temporary file folder. Temporary files are created by most of the programs on your computer system... Read More »