Where, oh where is my TEMP folder (Win XP)?

Answer Depends on which browser you use. Firefox/IE use different temp folders. Try using search

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Where can I find the folder where my computer copies the downloaded files that are sent to my thumb drive?

Yes, the folder apparently is hidden from you. I don't know how to change the setting in Vista, but in XP you use the Tools/Folder Options menu selection, and in the View tab, there is a list of t... Read More »

How do i restore a temp folder?

Click on the recycle bin icon located on the desktop. Right click the temporary files listed. Select, "Restore," on the smaller shortcut menu. Move the file to a folder not located in the Temp fold... Read More »

How to Clean the Temp Folder in Windows XP?

The Windows operating system has a temporary file storage folder used to keep files that are used by applications for a short period of time. If this folder is not cleaned out on a regular basis, i... Read More »

Where is the temp sensor on a Maxima?

The temperature, or coolant temperature, sensor on a Nissan Maxima is located inside the engine compartment. Trace the radiator hose to the Maxima's engine block. The coolant temperature sensor is ... Read More »