Where is zoom feature on desktop?

Answer If you goto Start>Programs>Accessories>Accesibility>Magnifier Enjoy!

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How do I remove the Zoom-Mute feature?

buy a camera that has a silent servo on the zoom lens like is standard on Camcorders. since still photographers don't mind lens noises, you get cheaper zoom mechanisms on digital type cameras.

Hi I was wondering what does it mean when a digital camera has both an optical and digital zoom feature on it?

optical zoom means the lens itself retract for zooming and digital zoom means just cropping the image obtain total zooming means you combine the optical zoom and the digital zoom together... Read More »

Where is the PIP feature located on my Dell monitor?

Along the bottom right-hand corner of a Dell monitor, there is a series of six buttons. The button that is second from the left operates the picture-in-picture (PIP) function, which allows you to ... Read More »

Is the koda z86 12x zoom better than the Nikon cool pics l100 15x zoom?

The Nikon Coolpix L120 has video. It is the read red button.