Where is zoisite found?

Answer Zoisite, also referred to as epidote, is a family of gemstones including tanzanite, anyolite and thulite. Notable sources of these metamorphic rocks include Little Chief Mine in Alaska, northeaster... Read More »

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What do people use a zoisite crystal for?

Zoisite is a popular, but rare, ornamental gemstone that comes in shades of gray, apple green, brown, blue and rose. Crystal healers believe zoisite encourages energy, vitality, creativity, and tr... Read More »

You have just found out you are pregnant and am worried as you took anadin extra several times in the first week before you found out Is there a risk to your child?

Answer CongratulationsIt is highly unlikely the aspirin will have harmed your child.If you took it in the week after your period or the following week after ovulation that was before implantation ... Read More »

Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?

Before any of you start I’m not religious Now my point, cannibalism is found in over 450 species as well yet it is only considered unacceptable in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?The diff... Read More »

Who found Yoshi luigi did he found him on Yoshi island and found him?

No. While Yoshi was taking a peaceful stroll, Mario fell on his back.