Where is zoisite found?

Answer Zoisite, also referred to as epidote, is a family of gemstones including tanzanite, anyolite and thulite. Notable sources of these metamorphic rocks include Little Chief Mine in Alaska, northeaster... Read More »

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What do people use a zoisite crystal for?

Zoisite is a popular, but rare, ornamental gemstone that comes in shades of gray, apple green, brown, blue and rose. Crystal healers believe zoisite encourages energy, vitality, creativity, and tr... Read More »

What biblical allusions are found in where are you going where have you been?

The quotation is from Genesis 16:8. God encounters Hagar in the wilderness, where she had feld from fear of Sarai, and he asks her, "Where have you come from and where are you going?"

Where is the only place in deserts where water is found?

Water in the desert is found in two places: deep underground in aquifers and in riverbeds. Riverbeds may be small and ephemeral--washes or arroyos that fill only after rains. Or they may be more... Read More »

In Html coding how does the <img> file know where to be found where should i put the image file?

src attribute. not > and that in HTML, the tag is simply that and nothing more unless you want to specify .other than that they are the same.