Where is zero degrees of declination found on the celestial sphere?

Answer The celestial sphere is a giant imaginary sphere with Earth at its center; astronomers use the sphere to plot the position of stars and planets. Declination on this sphere is the equivalent of lati... Read More »

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Where is zero degrees latitude?

Latitude is used as a way to measure the distance of locations on the Earth from the equator--an imaginary line that circles the Earth at equal distances from both the south and north pole. Since t... Read More »

How do you unstick a Caple gas oven knob wont turn off back to zero that is stuck at 130 degrees?

The Tub cubic ft volume measures about 2.9 cu ft. ... Read More »

How to Find Magnetic Declination?

Magnetic declination is the angle between the local magnetic field and true geographic north. A compass points to magnetic north, which, unlike true north, is a constantly changing direction that v... Read More »

Where is zero latitude on a map?

Zero degrees latitude is commonly known as the equator. It is an imaginary line that runs around the circumference of the Earth equidistant between the North and South Poles. Lines of latitude nort... Read More »