Where is your jugular vein?

Answer According to Medicine Net, the jugular veins are located in the neck. The external jugular vein is responsible for collecting blood from the outer skull and inner face. The internal jugular vein co... Read More »

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I waint to pierce my jugular vein with a 9" nail..will i die?

What strap muscle of the neck does the external jugular vein cross as it descends to the shoulder?

There are two jugular veins in the human body. These are the interior and the exterior jugular vein. The external jugular vein runs over the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck. Unlike the inter... Read More »

Where is your jugular artery?

There is no jugular artery. On either side of the neck are internal and external jugular veins, according to the book "Principles of Human Anatomy, 9th Ed.," by Gerard Tortora. The two external jug... Read More »

Can you take a pulse from the jugular?

The jugular is a vein, so no.The pulse you can feel in the neck is the carotid artery.