Where is your heart located in your body?

Answer Your heart is situated between your lungs, near the center of your chest. It sits just behind and to the left of your sternum, or breast bone. The pericardium, a sac-like membrane with two layers, ... Read More »

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Where is the heart located in a dog?

A dog's heart is located in the upper chest right below the lungs and above the liver. It has the same features and functions as a human heart, except on a smaller scale. It serves to keep the bloo... Read More »

Where are the arteries located in the heart?

The human heart receives its own supply of blood from the two main coronary arteries, which branch off from the aorta. The right coronary artery branches into the right marginal artery and the post... Read More »

Where is the heart of a clam located?

A clam's heart can be found just underneath the hump of the shell, in an area known as the pericardial cavity. Clams have an open circulatory system, meaning blood flows through open spaces rather ... Read More »

Where is the apex of the heart located?

The apex of the heart is located at its very lowest point. It points forward, downward and to the left. The left ventricle forms the interior of the heart's apex.Source:Ohio University: Anatomy o... Read More »