Is there a funny bone in your knee?

Answer Neither the knee nor the elbow contain a "funny bone," according to Kids Health. When talking about the funny bone, people are really referring to the tingling sensation a person gets when the ulna... Read More »

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Why when you hit the funny bone its not funny?

I thinks its hilarious, especially when I do it on fridays

Why does our funny bone feel so odd when we hit it?

Not only is it not funny, it's not even a bone. Along the upper arm bone, there is a nerve that runs underneath the arm. When it reaches the elbow, the nerve is very close to the skin. When you bum... Read More »

Where is your sd card located on your iPhone?

Where is your heart located in your body?

Your heart is situated between your lungs, near the center of your chest. It sits just behind and to the left of your sternum, or breast bone. The pericardium, a sac-like membrane with two layers, ... Read More »