Where is your favorite place for ice cream?

Answer I'd have to say locally owned shops are the best, we have one in town (Lockport, IL) here called "Cool Creations". They make all their ice cream from scratch, and it is awsome. They also have int... Read More »

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Poll: Besides the grocery store, where's your favorite place to get ice cream?

DQ and Baskin Robbins! DQ's Blizzard with popular commercial-brand, chocolate-bar mix-ins and Baskin Robbin's Premium Sundae's with popular commercial-brand, chocolate-bar mix-ins!

What is your favorite flavor ice cream from Blue Bunny Ice cream?

well-I'm limited to their no sugar flavors--so bunny the little bunnies...

Ummmm what is your favorite ice cream flavorhow do you like your ice cream to bei mean what toppings?

I like black berry flavor but thats no available here either. Man, maybe I am living in the wrong place..............just kidding. My second best is mango and or coconut flavor and thats always... Read More »

What is your favorite meal to have on your Birthday BQ= favorite Ice Cream?

I love just about everything, does not matter. BQ:Anything but plain vanilla.Happy birthday to Daddy Scooter! 75! ♥Another year is a happy gift,So cut your cake, and say,"Instead of counting birt... Read More »