Where is your birthmark?

Answer Three inches above the center of the baxk of my left thigh and it is shaped like a bitemark.

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Do you have a birthmark?

I don't, I always thought I was weird cause pretty much everyone I know did.My friend has darker skin on her arm, just kinda looks like she put some dirt there, so we call it her lucky dirt lol.

Is there something I can buy that will remove a birthmark?

80 grit sand paper , sand well and Buff to a shine .....Sorry for your Smots

Birthmark worry.?

how can you remove a bald patch ???If it's small, who cares! Let her hair grow and she'll find a way to hide it, it's just the way she is, why do you wanna change it ? let her decide what to do abo... Read More »

How to Cover a Birthmark With Makeup?

A birthmark can be very bothersome to the person that has to live with it. Many people have birthmarks, and teenagers and young women can be particularly self-conscious about them. It may take some... Read More »