My anus is bleeding please help!?

Answer It might be a hemorrhoids, you have to go and be checked out at doctor

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Why am I bleeding from my anus?

you might have made a small tear on your anus hole. Since it was on the TP, it means you were bleeding externally, which is much better than bleeding internally. if it keeps happening everytime you... Read More »

I think that there might be worms in my anus... What should I do?

dude this was the funniest thing I saw all day! If you aren't kidding, WOW, I'm sorry

Do buzzards have an anus?

The term "buzzard" is casually used as a nickname for a number of birds, including black vultures, turkey vultures, king vultures and the common buzzard, which is known as a hawk. Each of these bi... Read More »

Anus bleeding (Please help).?

You may have scar tissue in that area. This would cause the hole to be open more than normal, if the injury occurred near the opening. It's not normal, but as long as you don't have leakage in the ... Read More »