Where is your account number on your debit card?

Answer The account number for a debit card is listed on the front of the credit card in raised numbers. This number differs from the bank account number for the checking or savings account associated with... Read More »

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Where is the account number on a debit card?

Each debit card carries a different account number embossed across the front of the card. Although your debit card allows you to pull funds directly from your checking account, the debit card accou... Read More »

How to Keep Your Debit Card Number (PIN) Safe?

The bank tells you to be careful about tearing up the PIN that they send you with a new card. But did you know that there are more things that you can do to protect your number and ensure that nobo... Read More »

You are from Malaysia and you use a Visa oriented Maybank debit card Any help would be appreciated done lining up in the wee hours of the morning Can you purchase iPad 2 with your debit card?

Smart Cover for Your iPad There is a video right on the iPad website. You can also order a Smart Cover from the same page. It is a pretty straightforward simple video. I used it to learn about mine... Read More »

Where is the cvv number on a debit card?

The CVV number is located on the back of most debit cards in the signature box. It is a three- or four-digit number to the right of the account number, or a portion of the account number. CVV numbe... Read More »