If you are a non-custodial father and you would like to fight for custody of your son and you live in Illinois and your ex-wife lives with your son in North Carolina where should you start?

Answer Answer You start with a lawyer. From experience, I will tell you that the longer a child has been living with the one parent, the harder it will be to change custody. A judge won't take a happy chi... Read More »

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Where can I get a special kind of paper where you can make temporary tattoos out of your printer?

I remember using some kind of Papers to imprint on Report Covers. They call it a Tracing Paper. It was used to print the Report Title and all... and then the paper was pressed on the report to make... Read More »

Can you name 3 TV shows that supposedly where great but in your opinion where overrated?

I can just stop at ONE!Beavis And Butthead! Need I say more? ( The way they talk, the way they laugh, wanting to light their bodily gas, and I don't mean the burping kind!) I only know about that s... Read More »

If your military stationed not in state of residence can your spouse remove a minor child from your established home where you are stationed?

yes most likely that's something you can probablylook upon or something saying that it envolves a child

Where can I find the website featured on Graham Nortons talk show where you can upload your photo and it turns it into spoof college pictures?

David Letterman is niether Democrat nor Republican. He's voted both parties in past elections.