Where is yamada ryosuke school?

Answer Yamada Ryosuke was in Minamigaoka Junior High school, and then he went to Horikoshi Gakuen the school for IDOLS and J-celebs.And he is already gratuated; you can watch his Graduation here: http://h... Read More »

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Does Ryosuke Yamada of hey say 7 have his first kiss?

nope he doesnt even have a girlfriend because his company won't allow it anyway and johnny's entertainment never allowed their juniors and seniors to have any commitment and ryosuke yamada said he ... Read More »

Cannot record onto the hard drive of my YAMADA recorder via video plus OK from picture being watched?

this sounds like you only have one feed into the system and a single turner.If you recifty this then you will be able to record whilst watching a d ifferent channel.Let me know how you have connect... Read More »

Where can you check you your continental academy high school diploma is cerdifed by school of education in Texas?

By the fed-it's a branch of the military, although sometimes we forget.

Where did Ty Cobb go to school?

Hall of fame baseball player Ty Cobb grew up in Royston, Ga., where he received his only formal education. Against the will of his father, William Hershel Cobb, an educator, school administrator an... Read More »