Where is virtual memory stored?

Answer All processes and applications operating under 32-bit Windows systems operate on virtual memory, no matter how much random-access memory is installed on a computer. This virtual memory is stored on... Read More »

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Where is computer memory stored?

The computer's memory---or RAM---is stored on the motherboard. The exact location varies, depending on whether or not you have a desktop or notebook. On notebooks, RAM is located inside the bottom ... Read More »

Where is virtual memory located?

Virtual memory is a memory management technique that uses a computer's hard drive as if it were RAM memory. The hard drive stores the data that virtual memory uses in a file called a pagefile.Refer... Read More »

Where do you change the virtual memory size in xp?

The virtual memory in Windows XP can be changed through the “Virtual Memory” dialog box. It can be accessed by opening the Start menu and clicking on "Control Panel," "System," "Advanced” tab... Read More »

How are files stored in pc memory?

Understanding the way a PC works is fairly easy. Basically there are two types of memory needed to save and work with programs and information, short term and long term memory.Necessary ComponentsT... Read More »