Where is underground survival for 2012?

Answer The main ones are 'Secret' and 'Service', usually utilized in that order.

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What would you pack in a 2012 survival bag?

Bottled waterfreeze dried food or meals ready to eat (MRE's)Pocket KnifeCompassMapFlint and striker (to start fires)Camping mess kitseeds (used as currency, or trade for supplies)Small first aid ki... Read More »

Where do you see sonic underground at?

You can always trust youtube. That's where I watched

Building an underground home Where do I start?

Unless it's a concealed (bunker type) shelter, you'll likely want to have a southern exposure for the 'active solar gain' to partially offset those numbing Montana winters.Find a hillside (if avai... Read More »

Moved into a new home where is the dishwasher underground drainage pipe?

It is normal for dishwashes to discharge below the sink into the "S bend" (otherwise called the trap) this trap is there to stop the smell from the drain coming into the house. Often there is a spi... Read More »