Where is the Shores of Tripoli?

Answer Libya, Africa

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Where were the shores of Tripoli?

Why were marines on the shores of Tripoli?

The Barbary Pirates War was the reason. City states along Northern Africa had been pirating and charging ransoms on U.S. ships during the very beginning of the nation's history. The young US Navy w... Read More »

How to Polish Aluminum Wheels With Tripoli?

Tripoli, also known as rotten stone, is a polishing compound often used on carved wood and precious stones. While it is not often marketed for polishing aluminum wheels, it is gentle enough to poli... Read More »

How to Polish an Aluminum Wheel With Brown Tripoli & White Rouge?

Aluminum wheels, while not as shiny as chrome wheels, can look very attractive when they are polished. Aluminum is prone to oxidation from the air and deterioration from road salts, however, so it ... Read More »

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