What does reference number 1201 mean to the irs?

Answer An Internal Revenue Service tax return status code of 1201 means the processing of the return has been delayed. The delay is often caused by an error or omission on the return than cannot be handle... Read More »

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I want to know the name of this place its located in dallas. i do not know where?

How can I transfer my number to a new cell if the current number is under someone'e name?

If the service is metro, you will need the other account holders birth date, full name, and security code in order to full close out their account and open new account in your name.

Where under the hood is the MAP sensor located on a 1990 Ford pickup?

The MAP sensor on a 1990 Ford pickup is located next to the air intake manifold under the hood. The intake manifold is on the driver's side of the engine. Look for a small box with wires coming out... Read More »

Where is the VIN number located on a car?

The VIN, also known as the vehicle identification number, is most commonly found on the driver's side dash and can be seen through the windshield. It can also be found in the back wheel well, in th... Read More »