Where is there an electronics expo or sale today in suburban chicago?

Answer Yes... there's a great need for electronic questions in the suburb of R&S... *hint hint*Edit: Your one question disappeared *sigh*

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How do wireless internet cards for laptops work Can you get on line anywhere or just where there is wifi?

wireless internet cards works on the mobile network......this is different from wi fi u can access internet wherever there is a availability of network its just like a mobile phone u can buy networ... Read More »

Where can i get the aiptek camcorder on sale or the samsung s73 7.2 megapixel on sale?

You can get them ataiptek camcorder-…samsung s73 7.2 megapixel-…Good luck!

What happens to a judgement balance in a real estate short sale in New York state. If there is no equity in the sale will the judgement be released?

In any state, Judgements are usually filed with a court. In order for the Judgement to be released, someone -- preferably the party that filed the Judgement -- must be satisfied before the Judgemen... Read More »

Is there anyone who hav changed there laptops graphics card pleeeeeeeeeez answer my question 10 points best an?

No, you can't. You can't get the components. You will need to buy a new laptop, sorry. You can change it easily at all, as you need to dismantle the laptop and find another Gpu for the laptop. You ... Read More »