Where is there an abortion clinic in Decatur?

Answer Decatur Health center (PPL) 3021 N Oakland Ave Decatur, IL 62526 P: 217.877.6474 In addition: Decatur Georgia would be covered under Atlanta Georgia See: Related Links

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Do you need parents consent to go to the clinic and get abortion pills?

Answer Do you mean morning after pills? These are taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to attempt to prevent pregnancy. The abortion "pill" is used after pregnancy occurs, but I don't believe ... Read More »

Is there a confidential abortion clinic for teens in Michigan?

Below is a list of Planned Parenthood clinics in Michigan. Contact the nearest one to you to discuss your situation and get information on state laws and abortion clinics/services in your state. S... Read More »

My boyfriends mum rang the abortion clinic and tried to book me an appointment!!!?

She has no right to do what she did, nor can she force you. She is all talk, let her babble. Besides, your already done your first trimester, a little late for an abortion anyhow. And tell your bf... Read More »

How does an Australian anesthesiologist at an abortion clinic infect 44 women with Hepatitis C over years?

Hep C is very contagious. Far more so that HIV or either Hep A or B. It lives on surfaces for up to 100 days. It can be present in sufficient quantities to be transmissible in sweat. It can come fo... Read More »