Where is the vacuum regulator?

Answer The reason for these spots is because of hard water. Hard minerals found in most water when heated in the dishwasher dries with a white/film like residue. There is a new product out called the dish... Read More »

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Where is the EGR vacuum regulator located on a Ford Expedition?

The EGR, or exhaust gas recirculation, vacuum regulator on a Ford Expedition is located near the rear of the motor on the driver's side. The valve is at the end of a vacuum hose that comes from the... Read More »

What Is a Vacuum Hose on a Fuel Pressure Regulator?

The fuel pressure regulator in an automotive engine is the device that mains constant fuel pressure so that fuel is atomized, or reduced to fine particles, correctly. The vacuum hose connects the f... Read More »

How to Test an EGR Vacuum Regulator on a Ford Truck?

The EGR vacuum regulator on a Ford truck is a part of the emissions system. This valve takes some of the exhaust gases created by the engine and recirculates them into the intake manifold, thereby ... Read More »

Does a New Window Regulator Have Metal Regulator Arms?

The majority of newer vehicles today use electrically-driven power windows. A key part of the power window assembly, called a window regulator, requires structural strength for cushioning the windo... Read More »