Where is the underscore key on a computer keyboard?

Answer The underscore key on a keyboard is located on the same key as the hyphen. That key is located on the numeric row of keys, just to the right of the zero and left of the "+" and "=" keys. To create ... Read More »

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What is an underscore on the keyboard?

To type an underscore, press the Shift key and the dash ("-") key on a QWERTY keyboard. The location of the dash/underscore key can vary depending on the keyboard model. Is usually located between ... Read More »

HELP! my hp computer wont go pass a black screen with flashing underscore?

A virus is a possibility, but you could also have a bad hard drive or system board, or somehow your operating system was corrupted. In any case, you can probably save the data on that you want off ... Read More »

Computer Keyboard help?

Assalamoalikumdissemble that is separate the plastic alphabets and then clean it with a dry cloth and InshAllah u will have it good as new!!

Why is a computer keyboard set up the way it is.?

It is an adaptation of the type writer keyboard. Since the type writer predate the computer the old design stuck. I think the original QWERTY design was designed to slow down the typist so the ty... Read More »