Where is the underline key on the computer keyboard when it is not marked?

Answer It's the upper part of the minus key, use Shift key and - for the underline___

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How do I underline the words "while" I'm typing on a PC keyboard?

right before you type the word, hit control+u. right after the word, even before you hit the space bar, hit control+u again.same applies for bold: control+band italic: control+i

Where is the underscore key on a computer keyboard?

The underscore key on a keyboard is located on the same key as the hyphen. That key is located on the numeric row of keys, just to the right of the zero and left of the "+" and "=" keys. To create ... Read More »

Where is the forward key on the computer keyboard?

There isn't a specific key on the keyboard that is designated as a forward key. There are keys that perform a forward function. One of them is the tab key which goes forward through options. The ot... Read More »

When was the first computer keyboard made?

The first computer keyboard came out in 1960. A company named Digital Equipment released a minicomputer called the PDP-1 in 1960. The PDP-1 sold for $120,000. This was the first commercially-availa... Read More »