Where is the tundra located in Canada?

Answer Arctic tundra can be found in the northern reaches of Canada's provinces and territories, specifically the Yukon, North West and Nunavut territories. Tundra extends southward from the polar regions... Read More »

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How much of Canada is covered by tundra?

The tundra--region of permanently frozen sub-surface land--covers 307,500 square miles of Canada. Canada encompasses 3,855,100 square miles of land area, so almost 8 percent of its land is covered ... Read More »

Where is the tundra located?

There are two kinds of tundra--a cold region located above the tree line. Arctic tundra exists around the Arctic Circle; alpine tundra is found on mountain peaks. Both are noted for their cold nigh... Read More »

Where is the Alaskan Tundra located?

The Alaskan Tundra has very cold temperatures and dryer conditions and is near the Arctic Circle. Summer temperatures stay at around 10 degrees Celsius, which translates into 50 degrees Fahrenheit.... Read More »

What continent is the tundra located in?

The tundra is located on the North American, Asian and European continents. This cold ecosystem is an area circling the North Pole stretching south to coniferous forest biomes. Most of the tundra i... Read More »