Where is the tenderloin located?

Answer The tenderloin is a cut of meat from a small section of the loin of an animal, the area between the rib cage and the round (rear). Within the loin, the tenderloin is found near the spine of the ani... Read More »

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Where Does the Tenderloin Come From?

The tenderloin is a cut of beef, bison (also known as buffalo) or pork that comes from the short loin, the section between the ribs and the sirloin. It is specifically the part just under the spine... Read More »

Where does tenderloin come from?

A tenderloin is a tender section of meat out of the loin. The loin is the section of muscle just after the ribs and continues to right before the rump. The tenderloin will be long and bigger at one... Read More »

What part of the cow is a tenderloin?

Beef tenderloin is butchered from the middle of a cow's back, between the cow's ribs and back sirloin section. This area produces a cut of meat that is tender and has a mild flavor.Source:TheNibble... Read More »

Where does pork tenderloin come from?

Pork tenderloin is part of the pork loin, a primal cut that runs between the shoulder and leg of a pig. The tenderloin is on the rump end of this cut, surrounded by the rib bones.References:Ask The... Read More »