Where is the suds of fun car show in hampshire, illinois?

Answer Suds and Fun is an annual car show hosted in Hampshire Park in Hampshire, Illinois. The Hampshire Park District is located at 390 South Avenue, four blocks east of Highway 36. The large park area s... Read More »

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How Do Soap Suds Kill the Grass?

Soap suds break down the cuticle of the grass, exposing it to heat and any other active killing ingredients in the spray. This will kill the grass. They also help herbicides stick to the grass if y... Read More »

Does vinegar make soap suds?

Vinegar does not make soap suds on its own. However, when vinegar is mixed with baking soda, fizz and suds will form. Nonetheless, when mixed with water it is considered a viable cleaning solution.... Read More »

How do you get rid of dish soap suds in a dishwasher?

A better way to eliminate suds from a dishwasher is to pour vegetable oil in the dishwasher. Many tips will tell you to use vinegar, but after that failed us, a professional maintenance guy used ve... Read More »

What does "Spot clean only, use low suds mild detergent with cold water. Allow to air dry" mean?

It means exactly what it says. "Spot clean only" means to not throw it in the washing machine at all, ever. And to not follow up spot cleaning by throwing it in the dryer, either. But more on th... Read More »