Where is the circulatory system located in the human body?

Answer The circulatory system is a system of blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries) that travels throughout your entire body. The most important organ in the circulatory system is your heart. It ... Read More »

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Where is the spleen located?

A person’s spleen is located in the upper-left abdominal cavity behind the stomach and under the diaphragm, while also being in contact with the back side of the left kidney. The organ is held in... Read More »

Where is the fastest growing human hair located?

Although the rate of hair growth varies from individual to individual, scalp hairs, also called terminal hairs, overall are the fastest-growing hairs on the human body. They also grow to the longes... Read More »

Where is the eye located in your body?

The eyes are located below the forehead and eyebrows of the face, within the eye socket area of the skull cavity. One eye is located on either side of the nose, typically taking form at the bridge ... Read More »

Where are the ovaries located in the body?

Ovaries, which are a part of the woman's reproductive system, are located within the pelvic area of a woman's body, on either side of the uterus. Their main functions are to release eggs and to pro... Read More »