Where is the open ocean located?

Answer Technically speaking, the open ocean is the area of ocean that is more than 12 nautical miles from shore. The high seas are more than 200 nautical miles from shore.References:The Free Dictionary: O... Read More »

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Where are shrimp located on the ocean floor?

Shrimp begin their lives in the rich sediment on the ocean floor. As they grow, they can be found in tidal creeks, marshes and other shallows. They are bottom feeders, so they remain along the ocea... Read More »

Where is the Vanderbilt mine in California located What were they mining and how bigg was that tunnel out at Vanderbilt in the New York Mountains in Southern California?

What desert is located in southern Africa?

The Kalahari Desert is in southern Africa, in the countries of Botswana, northern South Africa and eastern Namibia. The Namib Desert, also in southern Africa, is located along the Atlantic coast of... Read More »

What is the capital of the nation that is located at the southern tip of Africa?

South Africa, the nation at the southern tip of the continent, does not have just one capital city, but three. Cape Town is the legislative capital, Pretoria is the executive capital and Bloemfonte... Read More »