Where is the sound card located in a PC?

Answer Sound cards can be located in one of two locations, either in an expansion slot or connected directly to the motherboard. Expansion slots can be replaced, but motherboard sound cards are permanentl... Read More »

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My old computer had windows 98 with a sound card. i have updated to win xp now the sound card will not work?

That's actually quite normal. Not all hardware is compatible with windows xp. The best you can to go to: the update software, and automatically install a... Read More »

Where is my NIC card located?

A NIC card (or network interface card) is a device that can be used with a personal computer to access a network. NIC cards can be installed using a PCI card slot on a PC computer, but most NIC car... Read More »

Where is the SIM card located on an LG phone?

The SIM card on an LG is phone is located in a special compartment on the back of the phone, in the same area where the battery is located. To remove your SIM take off the back cover of your phone,... Read More »

Where is the sim card located on an iPhone 4S?

On the top between your lock button and ear phone jack. You need a small key to push in the hole. I just use a paperclip. Then a tray will slide out holding your sim card.