Where is the solenoid on a lock up torque converter?

Answer The Solenoid is an electrically operated valve in a vehicle's automatic transmission that is controlled by the car's computer. When the computer estimates that it would be effective to lock the tor... Read More »

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How to find the Torque Converter Solenoid Plug Location on a '95 Cavalier?

In 1982, The Chevrolet division of General Motors introduced the Cavalier, based on GM's "J-Body" platform. The 1995 Cavalier marks the beginning of the model's third generation, thanks to a comple... Read More »

How to Disable a 1994 GM Lock Up Torque Converter?

The lock-up torque converter in 1994 General Motors vehicles is designed to eliminate torque converter slippage at highway cruising speeds, resulting in increased fuel economy. In most modern vehic... Read More »

Torque Converter Checklist?

Installing an appropriate torque converter in your car requires several different considerations. Although there are many things to weigh when searching for the right torque converter, four conside... Read More »

Torque Converter Information?

A torque converter in an automatic transmission has the same function as the clutch in a manual transmission. It helps to connect and transfer rotating power from the engine to the transmission and... Read More »