Where is the Sky Pillar in Pokemon Emerald version?

Answer You'll find the Sky Pillar, home to legendary Pokemon Rayquaza, along Route 131. Head north from this watery route to reach the entrance to the Sky Pillar. The location stays the same for Pokemon R... Read More »

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How to Find the Sky Pillar on Pokemon Emerald Version?

Unlike in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, the Sky Pillar in Emerald is an integral part of the storyline, and is a locale you need to visit in order to complete the game's main quest. While the game doe... Read More »

How to Get to the Sky Pillar in Emerald?

Here's how you can easily get to Sky Pillar with these simple steps.

Where is the Sea Lair in Pokemon Emerald Version?

The Sea Lair is known as the Marine Cave in Pokemon Emerald. To find it, first speak with the man at the Weather Institute after beating the Elite Four. He will direct you to one of four random loc... Read More »

Where is the land lair on Pokemon Emerald version?

Beat the Elite Four and head to the Weather Institute to speak to the scientist on the second floor. He will remark how a certain area is "...experiencing abnormal amounts of sunshine." The area he... Read More »