Where is the sim connect tool with the iphone 4?

Answer If you are looking for one in the hundreds, walmart, but if you are looking for one for about thirty bucks, ebay... but sometimes you get bid up.

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How do you remove an old WiFi setting from iPhone I have a network that I can no longer connect to but the iPhone keeps constantly asking me if I want to try to connect.?

settings -> wifi click on the arrow next to the "known" network you want to deleteclick "forget this network"

How to Connect My Scan Tool?

Vehicles are equipped with an internal computer module. When a component begins to fail within your vehicle, the computer sends a code to illuminate the "Check Engine" light on the instrument panel... Read More »

How do you put a tool bar on iphone?

You cant the browser doesnt support tool bars well if you jailbreak it you can edit the games and put one on it I'm not saying i hack but i Guss that's the only way.

How do you connect the comcast cable for wifi in iPhone I have the cable is comcast i have a iPhone i want to use the WiFi in iPhone to connect the computer for internet?

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