Where is the sim card on a razor cell phone?

Answer The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card in a razor or Motorola Razr cell phone can be located underneath the battery. Once you remove the back of the phone and then the battery, the SIM card can ... Read More »

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Will a SIM card from an American cell phone work in a cell phone from Canada?

It is possible for a SIM card from an American cell phone to work in a cell phone from Canada. For the SIM card to work, the GSM network from the American cell phone must operate at the same freque... Read More »

How do I break my Motorola Razor cell phone?

Be careful to read the warrenty, so you don't void it by how you break it. Not sure. Could you soak it in water and then make sure it's all dried out before you take it in? Read up before you do an... Read More »

Instructions for How to Unlock a Razor Cell Phone?

With it's sophisticated and sexy good looks, the flip top Motorola Razor is one of the most popular phones on the market. Most phone companies were selling it at a substantial discount in order to ... Read More »

How to Buy a Prepaid Phone Card to Save International Cell Phone Calls?

Want to learn how to save up to 95% on international phone calls being placed from your handy-dandy, convenience-laden cell phone? If you answered yes and read this article, you will know exactly h... Read More »