Where is the serial number on a Maytag washing machine?

Answer The location of a Maytag product label containing a model and serial number varies by washer type. Typically, the label is behind the control panel, which is located on the back left side of the ba... Read More »

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My Maytag washing machine has high RPM's?

on leveled? the best guess I can make is maybe you mean "unleveled"I assume it's a top loading machine, as a front loader wouldn't have that problem.what kind of loads are you putting in it? the pr... Read More »

What is the cu ft capacity of a Maytag washing machine PAV2300AWW?

no I can't answer it, it is the exact answer I am searching for. I need a new washer and wanted to find the capacity for comparison. I can't find it anywhere!The capacity of this model, is 3.6 cu ft.

How to Troubleshoot a Maytag Washing Machine That Does Not Fill?

Most of the time, Maytag washing machine filling problems are related to the water supply. Water supply issues can be due to a lack of water, a kinked hose or clogged filters. Filling trouble can a... Read More »

How old is a model a511 washing machine maytag?