Where is the posterior chamber of the eye?

Answer The posterior chamber of the eye is located in front of the lens and behind the iris. It is a space filled with fluid that helps nourish the lens and cornea.Source:Posterior ChamberMore Information... Read More »

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Where do chamber marks occur on a casing?

Chamber marks on a casing are left on its rear section after a bullet is fired. The firing pin leaves an impression on the primer cup, in the rear center. There are also breech face markings left a... Read More »

Medial & Posterior Knee Pain?

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What is posterior disk bulging at L1-2?

The spinal column is made up of several bones (vertebrae) with tough cartilage cushions (disks) between them. As the disks age, it is normal for them to "bulge" or go into the space where they once... Read More »

What is posterior and anterior mean?

posterior is back, and anterior means front