Where is the posterior chamber of the eye?

Answer The posterior chamber of the eye is located in front of the lens and behind the iris. It is a space filled with fluid that helps nourish the lens and cornea.Source:Posterior ChamberMore Information... Read More »

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What is posterior and anterior mean?

posterior is back, and anterior means front

What Are the Functions of a Right Posterior Artery?

The term "right posterior artery" generally refers to the right posterior cerebral artery (PCA). The function of this artery is to supply blood to several regions of the brain roughly toward the ba... Read More »

What does posterior acoustic shadowing mean?

Posterior acoustic shadowing is a concept in medical sonography, which uses sound waves to detect objects within body tissues. When posterior acoustic shadowing occurs, the sound waves are blocked ... Read More »

How to Tell Which Side of a Clam Is Posterior?

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