Where is the password list for Windows XP?

Answer There is a simple way to bring up the Windows XP password list. First, go to the Windows toolbar and select the "Run" function. In the Run function box, enter "Control keymgr.dll." If done correct... Read More »

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Where is the Windows password?

The password menu in most Windows editions can be found in the Control Panel. If more than one user has a password set on a computer running Windows, those passwords can be updated within the user'... Read More »

Where is the Windows password located?

Windows stores the password in a SAM or security accounts manager file, located in the windows directory under C:\WINDOWS\system32\config. The SAM file is encrypted and will require a user wishing ... Read More »

Where are password files stored in Windows XP?

Windows XP does not store passwords. XP uses an algorithm which is called MD4 to create a hash file. The hash files are then stored in the registry files "C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\SAM" and ''C:\W... Read More »

Where is the administrator password kept in Windows?

Only the computer's system administrator will have the administrator password. Options are available to change this password---but only if you know the password. Those options can be found in the "... Read More »