Where is the party tonight?

Answer in Taj Hotel appadinu rendu perum solluvanganu nenaikaraen@@ oho aishu sonna madhiri vera partyya appo naan varla pa naan rombha nalla ponnu .venumna adhuku badhil oru benz carra present panninaal... Read More »

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I'm going to a redneck costume party tonight. Where can I find a Bush/Cheney 04 button?

Just put on a Satan mask on and smear some lipstick on it, you would make a great Ann Coulter.

Party tonight NYC...?

(to specify what everyone else is saying about the village to get "girls girls girls")--buddakan's where it's at, at least if you're into killer asian food. they've got a pretty good singles scene,... Read More »

So i have a huge party tonight and...?

Pretend like you are drinking and then when everybody is wasted go and attack

I really want to go to this party tonight?

Easy answer.If it is a party that one or both parents could go to it with you. It should OK. If you think it is NOT. Don't go. You are asking for trouble. I don't want you to get into trouble!Good ... Read More »