Where is the pain of medial bursitis ?

Answer Bursitis can flare up anywhere in the body that contains bursae, small pads which cushion the bones and the joints. Most common areas for inflammation of bursae include shoulders, hips and elbows, ... Read More »

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Medial & Posterior Knee Pain?

The purpose of the knee is to bend or extend so the body can perform activities such as walking, kicking, running, jumping, standing and sitting. When the knee is injured these activities can be co... Read More »

Sharp pain on medial side of foot in the inner arch, and pain on the top of foot in the middle.?

Really, A great sorry news you are not able to walk due to your pain,. It will be better if you use any special tape to take care instantly. Most of the athletes use kinesiololgy tape to reduce the... Read More »

What Does Lateral Vs. Medial Mean?

Medical, health and fitness professionals use the terms lateral and medial to indicate where parts of the body are in relation to each other, and to reference injured areas of limbs and organs.

Medial meniscus tear (surgery)?

Rennie, PLEASE take it easy!! I have been through all of that before and you do not want to rush it. You could step wrong or slip and you would be very much in trouble. I know you say "I will be... Read More »