Where is the official child custody website for California?

Answer Answer Type in: google.comThen type in: U.S. Government Custody Laws for CaliforniaYou should find some very interesting information.Good luckMarcy

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California Child Custody Questions?

California courts prefer that parents agree to their own custody arrangements when they separate or divorce. Judges will generally approve an agreement that is made between parents and sign it into... Read More »

At what age can a child decide on custody in California?

A child can only decide on custody in California, and most other states, when he or she is no longer a child--at the age of 18. However, California and other states do take into consideration a chi... Read More »

What are the laws for child custody in California?

If a mother with a child enters rehab to fix her problems can the father get full custody where they already have joint custody?

It really depends. I think that the mother and father should have full custody. I say this because the mother is doing this to get better, for the benefit of her kids. Some might argue that she sho... Read More »